Music has opened a door for me to be able to merge the outside with the inside. There is no big gap anymore. This is how I become transparent, bravely. That’s what I always wanted. It is also my main journey of self-knowledge and self-trust. I breathe this deep path into every sound that is born out of me.

I was born in 1983 in Budapest. I am a musician, a handpan artist, a singer, a composer and a yoga instructor, and a printing engineer by my original profession.

I became committed to music during a trip to the Far East in 2010. During those six months, I was lucky enough to come across the handpan as well as other amazing instruments, and most of all, songs that touched my heart completely. These songs were healing drops for my heart and soul, I felt very alive and fresh by them. They gave me faith and hope; I found a home in them and in myself through them. From that moment on, however, I could think of nothing but to sing a heart touching song. I wished others would be as touched by them as I am. I couldn’t really bring out a note from the handpan but anyway I was astonished by the beautiful sound of the classical guitar. As I listened to it I felt like the strings of my heart are being played. Coincidences brought me to someone who no longer needed his guitar as it was sitting unused  years. Practice began, starting from zero. This whole new era and circumstances brought my life (work, relationship, friends, health) to a complete collapse. The only thing I could cling to was the music. These beautiful songs and mantras. I felt like I was unfolding myself and my greatest depths through the music. For the first time in my life, I found a communication channel through which I could express what was inside. The inside and the ouside world can meet finally. They were so far away from each other. It wasn’t an easy journey and still isn’t, but my heart always carries on because the inner melody is pushing forward with elemental force. So I move on, I write songs and when I play music, I fully open my heart. Life is beautiful, life is terrible, life is wonderful. And I put one foot after the other.


I got my first handpan in 2013 and from that point on I was unstoppable. The following year, I started a music school in Hungary which I completed in 2017.

In 2015, we founded our band Kaan Luum with Norbi Murányi, a multi-instrumentalist. We released 2 albums so far: Potala Mousse (2015) and VulKaan (2017). Our song Ocean Power is an award winner at The Akademia Music Awards. We were the selectors of the 2017 Szimpla Lemming program and the 2018 Veszprém Street Music Festival. 

 In 2020 I gave birth to a beautiful boy in the big start of the pandemic. In the past years I mostly play solo or with invited musicians. I released my first solo album (Új Élet) which connects to the woman roots, to the inner child and giving birth. There are also a few children songs on it, all in hungarian.

 I am often invited to play on weddings, exhibition openings, various events and concerts. I love to accompany movement therapies, healing circles and yoga classes. I am also a certified

Szabadi Andrea



+36 20 999 4779